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Courses for Corporate

Corporates Recruiters
A comprehensive course for the corporate recruitment team in order to create a right talent sourcing strategy, effective screening techniques and hire the right talent that is matching the skill requirements and is retainable.
Recruitment for CXO, Promotors and Senior Management
How can a top management get involved in attracting, hiring and retaining the right talent.
Social Media Recruitment
Social Media is the future of the recruitment. How to leverage the power of social media in not only attracting but also for searching and hiring the talent.
Technology & Recruitment
The use of technology in recruitment. Leveraging the power of social media, ATS systems, mobile recruiting, job boards and career pages, digital marketing, crowdsourcing, etc.
Recruitment Coaching program for the business owners
Not only about hiring the right talent but also to develop, grow and retain them. We provide one-to-one coaching to the business owners to build and use the potential of their human resources.
Big Leap Program
Business is not only about using the human resources. It is about growing them into leaders.This program helps you understand how to hire, retain, and grow leaders.